OMF issues - PT only sees 1 track of Cubase OMFs

Hey all,

Every omf I export from Cubase 8 (and 7) whether it be self contained or referencing media shows up in Pro Tools with only one track. This is not cool. I’m hoping its a simple setting that I’m overlooking, such as the “export correctly” one. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve tried omf2 as self contained as well as with media references.



I’m having this problem too. Tried importing a “referenced” OMF with PT10 and Fairlight system… no go.

We were doing this to test clip gain translation… but it appears that nothing is translating.

Tried several more exports but nothing translated correctly. Tried encapsulated, non-encapsulated, with clip gain, without clip gain, with automation, and without automation. Nada.

I have read that Stereo audio files in Cubase OMF are a problem for PT.
I can’t test this theory for myself…but if you have any interleaved stereo audio in the failing transfers would be worth testing for yourself.