OMF or AFF from Permiere 6 MAC to Nuendo 6

Someone needs to transfer a project from Permiere 6 MAC to my Nuendo machine. They are having trouble making an OMF. Anyone know the best format/settings to use for this? AAF? OMF? Any help appreciated.

You might find some help in here:

I regularly get OMF’s from Premiere that import easily as long as the editor sets it up correctly. I’ve reached out to a couple of editors to get info for you, will post back if I hear from them. John.

Thanks for the link. Importing the OMF on my end was actually no problem. There were a LOT of hoops to jump through on Premiere’s end however. The biggest hurdle now is that there doesn’t seem to be a way of exporting handles. This is a huge problem as I need to crossfade between scenes of course. If anyone knows how to achieve this successfully on Premiere, please let me know.

Premiere Pro CC does not support OMF at all any more - it has been dropped. :imp: