OMF questions...

  1. When importing sessions from Protools, using OMF, why doesn’t the imported tracks go to the audio folder project as usual?

  2. Why I always have an error at the importing OMF on C6, “Resolve missing files”? Of course I can resolve this, locating the folder where are the audio tracks… But I think this is a issue… NO?

From what I gathered, you’re importing an OMF made in Cubase into Pro Tools? If so, it’s a problem with Pro Tools. Maybe others will say it’s a problem with Cubase, but I disagree. When I’ve made OMFs in Cubase and imported them into Logic and/or Digital Performer, things work as should. It’s only when importing into Pro Tools that problems occur.

As for your questions, Pro Tools stinks. There, of course, are workarounds, but I feel there shouldn’t be. Lately I’ve lived a Pro Tools-free life and it has produced far less headaches.

Sorry if I wasn’t specific. If you need more help, I’ll try to help the best I can.

No. The issues is when importing OMF on Cubase 6, that was done on Protools 9…

The resolve missing files always happens to me too – if you look at the resolve dialog, it is expecting them to be in the location the .OMF was originally saved, instead of just checking the subdirectories of the folder the .OMF currently resides in. For example I have a colleague that sends me stems from ProTools, and when I import his .OMFs it looks for folder names that are only on his computer!

Once you’ve got the references resolved though, you can copy all of the audio files into the current project folder by running an Archive function (Media --> Prepare Archive…). Now the project should be self-contained.

Yes, but I remember on other Cubase versions this doesn’t happen…

The logic of importing some audio tracks is to get it on the same folder as your project.
And this ‘method’ can be dangerous, as it happen before with me…

This is not a big issue. But…

If the resulting file size doesn’t exceed 2GB, there is always the possibility of exporting an embedded omf. What you get is a single OMF file with all the audio data in it. Cubase will simply import it and unpack all audio to the project’s audio folder. Embedded works fine here, as opposed to the media-folder version. I had one once where I had to resolve each file manually, for some reason! :angry:

I have recently activated my cubase 7 but i dont find any option to import OMF files which i had in earlier version of C5, I have many project created in logic 5 which i wanted to import in C7 but dont know how, only i know through OMF import option which is missing.
any help on that would be appreciated