OMF Trimming Events comming from Premiere

hi guys,

I´m having a problem when importing OMFs generated by Premiere (I don´t know if FinalCut has this problem as I don´t recall the last time i´ve worked with an editor with Final Cut).

Everytime I import the OMF the events are trimmed like in this pic:
OMF Trim.png
The Top track is the Reference track from the .MOV file and the bottom track is the Dialog track from the OMF. As you can see, I need to “open” the event to see the rest of the audio.
OMF No Trim.png
The most strange thing is: As soon as I import the OMF, I can hear the audio that is “hidden” (as if it was not trimmed) but if i close and open the project, the trimmed event behaves as it should (cutting the audio).

Other thing is: There is a small offset when I import the OMF If I compare the audio track from OMF with the Audio track from the Reference .mov file, like this pic:
OMF Offset.png
Thanks for the help, guys!