OMFG: They fixed the Auto-Activate issue! They actuallly LISTENED!

This is the first release I can think of in -years- where SB actually fixed some long-standing ANNOYANCES… not new features, just fixed annoying things…

To wit… the thing where if you have 2 open CPRs and close the active one, the next one automatically activates… wasting minutes of yer life.

That doesn’t happen anymore.


Now if we can just get a Lock Locators, get the original Scroll Bars back and drop that stupid Fixed Top Menu? I’m in business! :smiley:

Yes i know! Great release. Lets keep going!

Yes, very refreshing! This time they’ve put their efforts mainly into enhancements and workflow optimization and not so much in new features. I’m very happy with update!

Not sure what you mean with “Lock Locators” though?

Since 2003, users have been asking that the Locators be LOCKABLE–so that clicking on a L or R arrow does not accidentally move the Locators.

I’ve not updated to 10.5 yet, but was very glad to see this long-standing and meaningful feature request was finally answered.