Omit cautionary Ped

Engraving Options>Pedal Lines>Design>Continuation:

“Pedal lines always show some text or a symbol at the start of subsequent systems, unless the Hook Only appearance is chosen etc.”

I read that E. Gould recommends such a thing, but doesn’t require it. I’ve never seen a cautionary Ped. used in the Ped. * style and , in my opinion, it is unnecessary and quite misleading if the unparenthesized version is used. Is there a setting that can omit the cautionary Ped.? (I’m trying to avoid work-arounds whenever possible so I learn the program thoroughly.)

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I am assuming that in Engraving Options>Pedal Lines>Design, you want the Sustain pedal appearance for start of line to be Ornate Ped. and for continuation of line to be Sign at end. At the bottom of these engraving options, set the Text or symbol appearance at start of subsequent systems to Without parentheses. Select a pedal line that crosses a system break and in the properties panel, set Sign appearance to Ped. Text and Continuation text to a space. Now the pedal line does not have a cautionary Ped. but also does not have the ornate Ped. at its start. In Library>Font Styles>Pedal Line Font, set the Font family to Bravura Text and the Size to 15.5pt Staff-relative. From the SMuFL web page for Keyboard techniques, copy the glyph for keyboardPedalPed (U+E650) and paste it into the Text property for the same pedal line. Now the line has the ornate Ped. at its start.

Thank you very much, johnkprice. Sorry for not making it clear that is was the Ornate Ped. Your solution worked beautifully and I learned a lot in the process.

Assuming that it does require that the latter steps be done with each such pedal indication and that there isn’t a single setting that does this, I would like to request an option in Engraving Options to turn off the cautionary indication for pedaling, just as there is for the trill etc.

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In these situations alt-click copying is your friend. Find an earlier example of your special item and alt-click it to a new location.

Would it also be possible to choose one Ped. instance and then use Select More to grab them all at once and make the change in bulk? It seems to work.

Thanks Janus and Derrek. Those are helpful suggestions and not just for this situation.