Omit pages

Hi, let’s say I have a piece called Flow 1. I add a title page and a page for instructions, like playing techniques.
I make the instructions as Flow 2, Flow 3 etc… and insert as music frames on the
instructions page. Any way to omit Flow 2, Flow 3 etc… from the end of the piece and only show them on the
instructions page or do I have to select page range when printing?
Would be nice if I could select the Flow 2, Flow 3 pages under Pages in Engrave mood and omit/hide/remove them.


You can simply not include them in the chosen layout in Setup mode (select the layout, then switch off the relevant checkboxes in the Flows panel), or you could use the flow filter in the music frames in Engrave mode to only show a single flow. Probably removing flows 2 and 3 etc. from the layout in Setup mode is what you should do.

Hi Daniel, if I switch them off in the setup mode they disappear from the instructions page also.
I want them to show on the instructions page at the beginning but not at the end of the piece.

The flow filter for flow 1 is light blue and can’t be changed. It says “Flows All”


The default music frame chain comes from the master page definition, so you’ll need to edit the master page in order to change the value in that flows filter.

Ok, thank’s Daniel.


Yup, that worked.