Omit tags?

Is there a way to omit specific tags on forum searching and browsing? There doesn’t seem to be, but it would be helpful. Omitting iPad tags, for example. Just wondering.

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Did you happen to see this recent thread? Your idea could be added to the list, @dan_kreider .

I believe you can use the syntax -tags:tag-name, i.e. a minus sign, followed by tags:, followed by the tag name, to exclude tags from search.

See here:

(Scroll down to the end of the thread, because when the thread was first opened, it wasn’t possible. However, it has since been implemented in Discourse.)


I tried various ways of adding more than one tag to exclude but had no success. And unless I missed it, the helpful Discourse link Daniel shared doesn’t address that possibility. Anyone know if it can be done?

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I’ve not tried it, but I think the idea is that you can do -tag:first-tag -tag:second-tag.

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