Omitting a short name from the beginning of a stave

Is there a way of omitting the short name of an instrument from the beginning of subsequent staves, while leaving the full name in front of the first stave?

If I delete the short name in the editing panel, the short name is replaced by the full name at the beginning of each stave. Erasing both the full name and the short name, removes all names throughout a score. But these are not what I want to do.

If a short name is defined in the editing panel, and the full name is blank, one has no name before the first stave and the short name on subsequent staves, which is the reverse of what I am trying to do.


Yes, if you go to Layout options (Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + L) and then choose Staves and Systems from the Category option on the left you can choose Full, Abbreviated or None.
staff names.png

Thank you John! How would I have been expected to find that on my own? :slight_smile: