Omitting bar rests, again

I still don’t get it. If I use Notation Options to choose Omit Bar Rests, the bar rests in the inner voice here refuse to disappear.

Yes, I know I can manually delete them - lots and lots. Again, why does this option not do what one would think, actually not show the bar rests in an inactive voice? Needless to say if I choose Ends Voice Immediately in Properties it has no effect. This is Bach, not my fancy modernist stuff…

What am I misunderstanding about this:

I don’t think this is a matter of Dorico not acting retrospectively on already entered music because I have had this option on for the whole score. Is the cross staff note affecting this?

Dorico Pro 4.2

What’s the primary voice on the staff?
Assuming it’s the purple one (which would explain it - the option only applies to additional voices), I’d select the lower staff in bar 6, shift-click the lower staff in the last affected bar in this passage and hit V.

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@pianoleo sorry to be a dolt, but how do you work out what is the primary voice again?

I am slowly starting to get the picture about additional voices.

The one showing bar rests.

What makes that the primary voice? I enter that second, after the green.

I really can’t tell from the tiny passage you’ve screenshotted. This is likely a rehash of Ends voice immediately sometimes appears not to

I know I’m going over the same ground, but I still don’t get it. I’ll go through that thread again. It’s a bit strange that there seems to be no easy way to determine the primary voice by inspection.

So, clearly the upstem purple voice is the primary voice (yes?) The bar rests for the downstem voice I added by hand. Then if I add more notes in the last bar in the primary voice I don’t see any full bar rest for the green voice.

I am completely stumped. This is with the show bar rests in additional voices on.

Aha! It puts them in if you add more notes in another bar. Getting somewhere.

Which is logical with your settings, as the green voice is an additional voice, unlike your purple primary one.

I know that now, but it only puts in a bar rest if I add notes futrher down the track in that additional voice. Is it the Dorico considers the voice to have ‘stopped’? And my setetings are to show full bar rests in additional voices, as mentioned a couple of times - hence my perplexity.

Ah, I misunderstood. Your initial post was about omitting bar rests.

I think it makes sense to not show the bar rests of voices that are no longer used in a flow. It would be a huge clutter. Why would you want to show that a voice is not present anymore with bar rests in the last 20 or so bars?
Surely not something I recall seeing in published examples off the top of my head.

No, it’s not the end I care about. It’s during. For example, JSB WTC I:

I am only talking about the end because that is where note entry tales place.