Omnisphere 1.5.5e crashing Cubase

Since updating Omnisphere and installing Cubase 6, I’ve been experiencing serious crash problems. Omnisphere will behave for a period of time but when performing on some loaded patches, the audio engine will begin to skip in a steady rhythm. Eventually Cubase closes with a runtime error.

Omnisphere is very memory hungry…
Are you using 32bits C6?

Yep but this can happen with one instrument loaded and only a few patches loaded. Plenty of headroom and still an occasional problem. It seems to be related to a few patches, one of which I’ve found in the Moog library.

I was having problems with Omnisphere crashing Pro Tools (32 bit). I have since switched to Cubase 64 bit and not had a problem since. Omnisphere is a memory hog. Your 12 G of memory won’t do you any good in a 32 bit system since the maximum memory that can be addressed in 32 bits is 4 G. You can try shutting down idle programs to free up some memory space. I current am running W7, 8G of memory i5 processor at 4 G and have a dedicated 10,000 RPM hard drive that I use with Cubase.