Omnisphere 64 Bit Version MIA


Using Cubase 6.05. Recently purchased Omnisphere and I noticed that only the 32 bit version appears as a plug-in. The 64 bit Omnisphere (which I keep in a separate folder with other 64 bit plugs) is MIA, even though other 64 bit plugs work fine.

Checked the VST Blacklist and it’s not there. Any ideas?



PS: I’ll call Spectrasonics on Monday if I don’t figure it out, but I didn’t see a forum @ their site—even after logging in–only videos and a fairly tiny KB. Is there another ‘registered’ support site I’m missing?

H Suntower, hope your keeping well. Just to confirm that omnisphere is working in 64 bit fine here (and the other Spectrasonics plugins. I suppose you have checked your plugin paths?

There support site (unofficial) is on Northern Sounds Eric Persiing regularly posts as “Spectrum”


Other than the blacklist, what is there to keep Cubase from ‘seeing’ the plug?

I have the 64 bit in one folder and the 32 bit in another. Does Omnisphere not allow this?

I dont do anything 32 bit any more, but have you refreshed your plugin path and treble checked that it actually is in a path. Sometimes, Cubase ignores VST duplicates - gets a little too clever.
Try moving it to another location in another path - as a test. Make your own path add this to the plugin paths you already have.