Omnisphere 64bit blacklisted in C10

Hi guys,

I moved to win10 64bit and installed Omnisphere 2.6, which is 64 bit. However, Cubase 10 hangs on initial scan and say that it is 32bit and blacklisted it. Upon -reactivate it in plug-in manager, Cubase crashes. Deleting vst2blacklist file and reloading cubase didn’t work either.

Any ideas?

As you say, that error message from Cubase is obviously wrong. I don’t recall ever hearing a report of this problem from a customer before. I would guess there is a problem during initialization that Cubase is misinterpreting. Try running the standalone version of Omnisphere, or try loading it in another DAW, and see if that runs ok.

I ran it stand alone. It doesn’t come up fully. It is just a black window. maybe a compatibility issue with Win 10?

No expert here you understand,but I am running Windows 10 and Omnisphere 2.6. 64bit version
I would suggest a full install of Omnisphere,removing all remnants of the software first of course :smiley:

I’m not aware of any problem reports like this from customers. Omnisphere should work fine on Windows 10, but It sounds like the installation didn’t work properly. Try installing it again. If that fails, contact tech support and they’ll help you out.