Omnisphere and Novation SL MKii

I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and I can’t get my Novation SL MKii to control Omnisphere. The SL MKii controlling Cubase works fine. I’ve tried using the Omnisphere template that came with Automap 4 but that doesn’t work, and neither do my own templates for Omnisphere. Anyone else out there have these going together? I followed the setup to the letter.



Can you see the wrapped Omnisphere plug-in the vst-rack or in the plug-in info-list under ‘devices’?

I just discovered something really strange. If I right click on a control in Omnisphere and do MIDI Learn on it and move a fader on the SL Mii, the control won’t move. Then, ff I Mixer/Plugin Mapping in Automap and change to ANY map, then go back to the previous map under which I did the MIDI Learn with, I can get the fader to control a fader in Omnisphere. If I right click on the control and choose Show Learns, it’ll give me a learn number, but the minute I close the dialogue, the control of the fader ceases. ???

Yeah, I can see Omnisphere wrapped and I’ve done a test on Sampletank and I can get the SL MKii to control Sampletank just fine.

Strange is the word…
I have problems with Automap 4 myself and decided to move back to 3.7 until someone from Novation can show me a solution (Automap 4 won’t automatically connect to Cubase). I guess, Automap 4 at this stage is far away from being a perfect product.
It’s kind of funny when I move a button of a plug-in with the mouse and I see a corresponding behaviour on a button of my Nocturn keyboard, but if I move that very button on my Nocturn, it has no effect on that plug-in button…

What happens, if you ‘clear’ and ‘revert’ all assignments?
Have you tried to open the Automap Server with Administrator rights?

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meanwhile I have solved my problems with Automap 4 thanks to the Novation technical support.
They recommended to re-install Automap and start the installer with administrator rights!

Now I have a perfectly working Automap that shows the mappings of all plug-ins.

I’m actually on a Mac so the Adminstrator issue is a non-issue for me. I ended up reverting back to 3.7.4, and everything remained broken. I had upgraded Omnisphere to 1.5.6 from 1.5.2, but I decided not to revert that as well. Too much of a pain, so I banged away at it for a LONG time and discovered that I can no longer use MIDI CCs for my fader/know assignments. I was forced to take a different route and use the Host Automation feature of all Omnisphere controlls, then create a Automap template that uses the same control numbers in edit mode. I had to completely rebuild my Omnisphere template but it’s working. What a pain in the ass tho. My Windows 7 Automap 3.2 version is working fine with the Omnisphere 1.5.2 and Live 8, and I’m not touching it.

Now here’s the problem I’m still having. I can’t get Cubase 6, Automap 3.7, Omnisphere 1.5.6 to record any automation. I’ve tried and tried but no midi track will record/write any SL MKii controls.