Omnisphere blank upon recall. What are the workarounds ?

For more than 5 years keep getting the same problem of omnisphere (and sometimes stylus Rmx) losing patches.
Because of this I started saving omnisphere settings within each project as user multis.
But even this doesn’t help.
Today I open my latest project, both omnisphere instances are blank, loaded saved multis but they’re still blank…
How can’t recover my omnisphere instances with correct patches ??What are other options to save Omni instances besides bouncing to audio ?

Never happens here, Spectrasonics support is really good, what do they suggest?
You are using cubase 9 and the 64 bit versions of omnisphere and RMX?


I did about 5-10 times for past 5 years…

Then its not Cubase 9 is it if the problems been around that long.
You did not answer the two questions I asked, is this Cubase 9 and are you using the 64b bit versions of the instruments?

No. And yes. Cubase 9 64bit. And 64 but plugins

I’ve had this issue a few times in the last few months. It only seems to happen to multi’s though for me. I just always have to remember to save my multi’s as I can’t be sure Cubase will recall them. Very annoying. :angry:

I can’t predictably make it happen enough though to report it.

Same exactly here.
(Never happened in Reaper tho)

Ever since Cubase 4 and Windows Vista/7 it’s been necessary for me to run Cubase with administrator rights in order for all file/directory dependencies to load up correctly. A few of my plugins (RMX included) would not run correctly and would load up blank unless I did that, so it might be worth a try.

It happens to me occasionally with Stylus RMX. Also used to happen with Omnisphere until I upgraded to version 2.

Has nobody found a solution to this? I have this issue with my omnisphere 2. Patch is blank…

Don’t know, still keeps happening to me even in v2

FWIW, I’ve noticed that it only happens in projects where I’ve left the omnisphere plugin window open when I saved and closed the cubase project.

Always make sure to close the Omnisphere window before saving and closing the project and/or Cubase!


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I’ve had this quite a lot too for the last couple of years, on C5 32bit and C8.5 64bit. It’s really frustrating. Thanks for the tip about closing Omni first, i’ll see if that helps but i’m surprised that Spectrasonics haven’t addressed this.

Anyone find a solution to this yet? The problem is still persisting with Omnisphere 2.6. It’s not limited to Cubase, there are many reports of this happening in other DAWs as well.

thank you,you are life saver…that’s it…

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I have had this problem for about 9 years now using logic. it only happens sometimes and i could never work out why. I have been bouncing everything i do to audio when i am happy with it but it is quite annoying but i just made sure i closed the window and it opened back up with the patches loaded and then i saved it without closing and no patches you sir are my hero right now and i don’t even use cubase and only made an account so i could thank you. So THANK YOU!