Omnisphere crashing cubase 7


I have some issues with Cubase 7.02 and Omnisphere 64bit.
Everything works fine until I save my projects and cubase crashes.

I don’t have idea about what to do to fix it.

Any ideas?


not sure i can help but i just used 2 instances of omnisphere 64 bit in a project on cubase 7.0.2 and its been ok, no crashes.

i am on a mac pro latest osx, old octo 2.8 with 16 gigs ram

anything else in the session? other plugs?

7 Has loads of known bugs. I have not been able to get 7 running right since upgrading I have to go back to 6.5 for now until they fix this crap. I have problems with Omnisphere maxing out my performance bar with only 1 running. I can run more than that in 6.5. I also having crashing in 7 when loading in projects from 6.5 and Nuendo 4
It’s just a waste of space at the mo not stable at all.

No problems with Omnisphere 64 bit and OSX lion. You should post your specs, otherwise it’s impossible to help :wink:

My only issue with C7 is that Omnisphere 64x has started crashing C7 when I select the mixer (within Omnisphere). No other issues with any plugins at all. I have a new PC i7 3930 @3.2 ghz and 16gb ram. I’m thinking the problem is with Omnisphere since otherwise C7 is very stable here.

I have found the root of my problem Deamon Tools was making 7 crash all the time after finding a small free tool for checking mini dimp files Deamon tools was the cause of all my freezes and crashes since taking it off my performance has come back up so now a very big project only uses about 45% not 90% there is still a small increase which SB say will happen with some older plugins anything above VST 2.4 SDK will be fine anything below will have some issue. So for now everything is working other than the mixer issues that most people are having inc myself which SB know about and there will be a fix in the next update which is due out soon.

As for my PC spec am running a quad core intel 2.8 6gig corsair mem with win7 pro 64bit and Asus P7P55D-E motherboard. I have 5 HDs in the system with a Pulsar Scope2 audio card. The system only has music stuff on it nothing else.