Omnisphere GUI unusable in Hidpi Mode

I have recently upgraded to 4K monitors and have enabled Hidpi mode in Cubase 11, which apears to be fine, but Omnisphere GUI has become unusable, almost frozen, but is fine once Hdpi is disabled,
Also notice performance of other plugins is impacted by the enabling of HDPI, anyone else have this issue?

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Is Omnisphere plug-in HiDPI compatible, please?

Yes, I believe it is, I have just concluded a support ticket with Spectrasonics and after extensive testing, we concluded that the issues could only be resolved by disabling Hidpi in the DAW.
Similarly some of the Toontrack plug-in GUI, have also benefited from disabling Hidpi, everything points to an issue with Cubase implementation of Hidpi ?

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Have you tried this option while HiDPI is still enabled? This should hopefully solve the issue let me know.

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Thanks for message, unfortunately this was also already implemented but the issue persists.
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I wouldn’t be so quick to bark at Stainaha here. Spectrasonics is really long in the tooth and has yet to even incorporate VST3 anywhere so I doubt they even bothered to make it DPI aware.

Of course their solution is to disable DPI because they know they haven’t implemented it.
Don’t forget you also have the magnify option within Omni.

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I have totally stopped messing with Windows controlled non-native DPI settings and use the magnifying option for my Spectrasonics plugins (and others that offer it).

Yeah, I’ve messed with the magnify options and still get the glitching GUI experience, only thing that resolves matters is disable Hidpi, which is a bummer when I’ve shelled out on Hi Res Screens, I take your point about Spectrasonics and it spears that I am not alone in experiencing GUI issues with Omnisphere, it’s been an issue for some users for quite some time now…

Ok. I’m surprised this doesn’t work even in this mode so they must be doing something wrong and I would suggest you report it as a bug to them otherwise it might take longer before they consider fixing this. Unfortunately, as for us, switching to HiDPI is quite of a tedious and costly step.

Unfortunately I have exhausted the process with Spectrasonics, the standalone version of Omni works fine and the VST works fine once Hi DPI is disabled in Cubase, looks like it’s got to be a no HiDPI setup until the GUI on Omni gets a makeover.