Omnisphere install

I just had a system failure and I’m starting from scratch on an all new computer.

I’ve installed C7 on Win7 64bit.

I’ve purchased Atmosphere, Omnisphere and Stylus from Spectasonics and they were all installed
and authorized on my old computer, and they all still show up as registered on the Spectrasonics site.
My question is ; Wasn’t Omnisphere a downloadable upgrade from Atmosphere?
I’ve installed and reauthorized Atmosphere on my new system, and I don’t seem to be able to install
Omnisphere using the software and soundsource library updates. It was a few years ago - but I’m quite certain
that I never got a boxed product sent to me for Omnisphere. I’ve kept every boxed program I’ve gotten in the last
10 years - they’re all in my studio closet, and Omnisphere is not there.
I’ve paid for and registered Omnisphere - does anyone remember if this was a downloadable upgrade - I can’t seem
to find it on their site. I tried to install using one of the update files and it couldn’t find the STEAM folder.
I thought having Atmosphere installed would allow one of the Omnisphere updates to install the program.
I’ll have to wait til Monday to get a tech on the phone, so I’m wondering if anyone has an answer for me today.