Omnisphere loading issue on M1 Mac

I am working on a Nuendo 12 project with several virtual instruments on an Intel Mac Pro (Mojave). On my MacBook Pro M1 (Monterey) -which has the same instruments installed- that same project refuses to open the Omnisphere instance, stating it can’t be loaded. However, it is possible to add a new instance of Omnisphere without any problems. How strange is that?

Did you find a solution?
I’m having the same problem with Cubase 12 and Omnisphere when moving from x86 to ARM.

Could it be linked to different vst versions for arm and intel? In reaper i had a similar problem. In that case reaper, on arm mac, used a vst bridge to open a non native plugin… that same plugin was on the intel machine but not able to through the bridge (obviously).
I wonder if this could be a similar issue.

It’s been a while, but I don’t remember a solution. At least I haven’t experienced it recently.

Did you try their tips? Is the Omnisphere the correct version?

Thanks for the link, according to the Spectrasonics knowledge base there was indeed a similar problem.

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I have been in contact with Spectrasonics, they know about the issue and are working on a solution.

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