Omnisphere - new install - can't hear sound?

I’ve just purchased and installed Omnisphere (on my secondard drive) for my Mac Pro.

Followed the install instructions to the book. I authorized it after installing the software updates. I just can;t get any sound coming out of the instrument?

I can see the midi registering when I play notes, have checked the output is assigned correctly. Just no sound at all!

Can anyone offer help please?


I would imagine in this case Spectrasonics will be the best place to get help.

You obviously checked all the obvious stuff like midi channels match up?

Ye I checked all that. Some of the samples are ‘not found’ too but I did install it as they said in the manual.

I’ve left two message with Spectrasonics but no one has called back as yet. Frustrating but all I can do is wait.



One thing I found odd, it said on their websites that I must install all the updates before authorizing? Do you think I should be able to do a clean install and then authorize it without the updates?


If you’re getting samples not found it sounds like a failed/incomplete installation.

Hope they get you sorted.

I think you have to update, this is what I did and it works.

“Samples not found” to my imagination can only mean that you updated the ENGINE of Omnisphere without updating the CONTENT. You noticed that you have to update 3! files to be on an actual version? 2 small ones, one with the engine, another with the presets I think and a large one with the needed samples.

Thanks for all the replies. I have a solution now.

Les fom Tech support called me from LA. Got me fixed in 15 minutes but it wasn’t straight forward. The instruction to install was followed meticulously however I had to create an alias folder for my STEAM folder which was not present where it should be. Then I had to update the VST plugins folder. He did say it hadn’t installed as it should despite three times trying it to the manual.

Happy now though.