Omnisphere search problem

Hi, Has anyone out there got Omnisphere and actually figured out how to find anything ? It’s an incredible piece of software totally ruined IMHO by a ridiculous search system, I know there is a patch in there called “power chords a” but it doesn’t matter which search bit I put it in…it does not come up…same with “atmosphere strings ambient” where the heck is it and why can’t I just put it in a search box and get it…Atmosphere had an alphabetic drop down menu…too simple I suppose, anyway…If anybody can shed some light on the mystery I’m all ears, cheers, Kevin

The patches are listed alphabetically, so you can just scroll down to the P’s. But if you do that, you’ll see there is no patch called Power Chord. That’s why the search didn’t find anything. There are 3 Soundsources, not patches, called Power Chord 1, 2, and 3 though.

thanks for your help…I’ve watched the tut’s but I come away more confused than when I went in…dunno why they have sound sources separate to patches, ( I’m sure there is a reason ) but it would be great to just have everything in alphabetical order…would be a long list yeah but easier…so It seems that I would need to search the sound source browser also because they don’t appear in the other searches, bit weird that is, much preferred the search system in Atmosphere, thanks again for responding…Kevin

As far as I know it works the same as Atmosphere. I think all sampled-based instruments probably work this way. You have patches and then you have samples (soundsources) within the patches. So you go to 2 different places in the GUI to browse patches and soundsources. The only difference is Atmosphere didn’t have a search system, just a list. In Omnisphere there’s a list, but you can choose how the list is sorted, you can filter the list, and you can do searches.

thank you again…you’ve explained it much better than the so called “support” at Spectrasonics…cheers, Kevin