Omnisphere stops working

Since upgrading to Cubase 10, Omisphere stops working multiple times per session.

The Omnisphere channel shows an audio signal, but no sound is produced.

I can recover normal operation by re-opening the project, but of course, creativity and inspiration are both completely destroyed.

I’ve tried disabling ASIO Guard on Omnisphere to no avail.

Cubase 10 Pro/Windows 10

Make sure all Omnisphere updates are up to date. Go into your Spectrasonics user account download/update area and see if any of your software / soundsources / patches are the latest. Spectrasonics doesn’t always notify you when any of your Omni components are to be updated.

Also, see if your ASIO is the latest. Steinberg ASIO is better than generic, of course. As well as hardware. I had some audio break up problems after upgrading to CB 10 Pro and at some point I’ve replaced my beloved Steinberg MR816 CSX with the new UR11mkII and all audio playback issues are now gone.