Omnisphere win 7 64bit performance?

Anyone have a good experience using omnisphere on a win64bit core7 machine? Is it a CPU hog or better than Halionsonic?

I’m running Omnisphere on an i7 x64 system. Yes it uses alot of RAM if you are loading large patches, but its GREAT! My all time favorite VSTi. :smiley:

I’ve got 12 gb ram now. But what is the CPU meter showing for example on 3 tracks of omni?

I run an i7/920 on a Giga EX58UD5 and I have 9 gigs of RAM. I do not overclock and have the PC optimized for use as a DAW (e.g., no virus software, network ports disabled, various BIOS features disabled, etc.)
I’ve never had a CPU issue even with multiple instances of Omnishpere, 1 RMX, one Trillian and several other VSTis and audio tracks all running simultaneously. (Can you tell I’m a Spectrasonics fan?)
I have had ASIO issues (which are cured by increasing buffer size) and I did have some dropout problems which I thought were MR816 related, but that ended up being a power supply issue which I have since remedied.
If you are running a i7/930, I don’t think you will have any cpu issues.