Omnisphere with Chord Pads not working

Does anyone have Omnisphere to test something for me? if you do please do me a favor and test it with the Chord Pads. For me when I load Omnisphere into a track and press any Pad in the lower zone only one note plays but as soon as I load a different instrument I get the chords when pressing the pads.
Please let me know, thank you.


Sorry, I have no Omnisphere now, but isn’t the sound set as monophonic?

Thank you for your help, I identified the problem, I don’t know if it’s a glitch in Cubase or if it’s by design.
When the input was set to “All” the Chord Pads were only playing one note but when I switched to “Channel 1” The Pads were playing all the notes as designed. See the attached image.
Very strange behavior.
Any ideas why this would be? Thank you

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What you show on the screenshot, is not an Input, it’s an Output.

That means, Omnisphere is using multi-channels.

I am so sorry for using the wrong terminology, still new to Cubase from Ableton :slight_smile:
Does that mean that all multi-channel instruments will only output one note when using the Chord pads when the output is set to “any” and this is not a glitch?
Thank you so much for your help


If the Output is set to Any, this means, the source (MIDI/Instrument) track sends the data over all MIDI Channels. It depends on every single MIDI Message, that which MIDI Channel is using.