On a positive note

apart from the crashes on day one of installing c7.3 and the on going minor problems with the gui i think the stability is pretty rock solid on win7 -64.
Not a single crash after day one (can’t explain why these happened) which is very good considering i had 9 crashes in 24 hours and yes i made a support ticket .The problem with the loudness meters not displaying properly is still there and the other issues with variaudio need sorting but im liking what im seeing and using now and feel quite confident to be able to use c7 full time in a couple of weeks if it stays this stable .
Ive never been a vsti sort of person but for the last couple of days i have been playing around with some vsti’s and GA one and i can fairly say im pretty impressed and enjoyed every minute of both c7 and the vsti’s .
Would anyone recommend camel audio alchemy for c7 , i use all the camels plugin’s but not sure about the synth ,it’s all new territory to me :wink:

Once again steiny it’s coming together ,it’s not perfect but it’s getting there , well done :stuck_out_tongue:

What kinf of music you do?

Hi, Filterfreak

Alchemy is one of the VSTis that I would keep at any cost. Simply love it and it is working perfectly here at its 1.50.1 64 bits version. The only problem is the time taken to load the samples libraries when opening a project involving it. But well, C7 is slow for loading every samples based VSTi, so…

I also like the responsiveness and the disponibility of Camel Audio fellows in the KVR Camel Audio forum. The only time I posted an issue, it was answered and solved in three hours. If you purchase it, be careful to cautiously follow the installation instructions : it’s not as evident as it should be, TBH…

I purchased it something like 2 years ago with few libraries as I was still using Cubase 6.0 32 bits : still feel like I’m exploring it sometimes. So, beware : there is also a learning curve…

Hi big boi
I make all kinds of electronic styles and some live so im sure the synth would suit somewhere along the lines .
thank you very much for the info ,I have had dealings with the camel crew a few of years ago when I purchased my first camel product over a Christmas holiday and paid via paypal and entered a wrong letter seting up and email account so I couldn’t access the account to download the plugin and as it was Christmas I thought I would have to wait a couple of weeks for the problem to be rectified but I sent an email on Christmas day to the camel guys and on boxing day I had an email back saying the problem had been solved and ready to download :astonished: :smiley: Now that’s what I call customer services ,absolutely fantastic .(sorry to rattle on but I thought I would share my experience with camel). This is one reason for thinking about Alchemy and the other is knowing that camel plugin’s are quality with a very low cpu load.
Ok this is one thing ive never thought about ,the amount of time it takes to load a vsti sample bank , I did notice yesterday that there was quite a lot of time difference between loading a vsti project and an audio project , would you recommend an SSD drive for the samples to speed up the loading time ?
Sorry to ask such noob questions but when it comes to vsti’s I really haven’t got a clue .

thanks for you time and input it’s much appreciated

Alchemy is also very light on ASIO resources for what it does. You won’t have a bad surprise in this department…

About a SSD purchase it could indeed be a good choice, especially if you use it as a samples libraries support without too much editing. I considered it myself several times but well, never acted, afraid of what was told, here and there, about the limited lifecycle of them when you do a lot of editing on the same sectors. Seems that there have been progress made since, and It’s probably something I’ll do with my next system.

About the loading time, don’t want to bash C7 again, but well… Loading time of the same E-Mu 380 Mb samples bank :

  • C 5.1.1 : 9 seconds,
  • C 7.0.2 : 19 seconds.
    If someone in Steiny crew could explain the difference…

All the best ! :slight_smile: