On Cubase 13, change the VSTi in a channel

I just upgraded from Cubase 11 to 13, and need to know how to change a VST instrument, internal, (I am using Halion) on a channel. Can anyone help? In Cubase 10 it was simple.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Click the Instrument name (HALion in your case) in the Inspector and choose another instrument from the list.

Do you have a picture for this? I do not see this option for Cubase 13 either. It was there in Cubase 12 but the UI changes seem to have removed it - there is no plugin name in the inspector, just the track name.

Edit: It looks like you can add the option to the “Track Control Settings”, but not the inspector.



This is not Inspector, this is the Track List. And yes, you can add the Instrument to the Track List too.

The inspector is shown in the attached screenshot here:

Ah perfect, thank you! Don’t know how I missed that :sweat_smile: