On launch Cubase 12.0.10 VST Transit Error

Application ‘VST Transit’ has caused the following error:
Device returned error code (no code shown??)

I suddenly (didnt happen when i last used Cubase about 2 weeks ago) got this error before updating from 12 to 12010
I got an error that made the 2nd part of the update fail
I still get the error on loading 12010 (cubase will continue to load successfully after OKing the error message

PS Cubase Help cant find anything related to transit !!!


Do you have the latest update of VST Transit installed, please?

I do not and never have.
Why would this explain why I would suddenly start getting the error ?
Was there a ‘silent/transparent/background’ update that we were unaware of ?

Curiously, I just ran Cubase and DID NOT get the error !?

Someone at Steinberg Online Team emailed me a code a few hours after my forum post.
Was this a direct response to my post or was it a widespread user email that was merely a coincidence ?

thanks for reply.