] on macbook


I learned, that with Shift-Alt-] I can switch through layouts.
Does anybody know, how to do that on a macbook pro Keyboard?



What keyboard language are you using? Try Alt-Shift-( and -)

This is keyboard language specific, not computer specific. My Macbook Pro keyboard has the [ and ] keys immediately to the left of the Return/Enter key, a couple of rows below F11 and F12.

Within Dorico, go to Preferences > Key Commands. The shortcuts you want are for Window > Next Layout and Window > Previous Layout.

On a French keyboard, the shortcuts are alt-shift-^ and alt-shift-$ (I don’t remember if it’s default or if it’s me mocking the topology of an english keyboard — those two last keys are on the right of the P, at the end of the row)

Thank you!

German keyboard: alt 5 and alt 6

Really? For me it’s Shift-Alt-Ü and Shift-Alt-* but I can’t remember whether that is a customization by myself (and I don’t see any indication which shortcuts are custom ones – that might be a nice UI feature request). But apparently it’s similar to what MarcLarcher wrote about the position next to the P key.

Same on three different Mac’s here (High Sierra & Mojave), so I firmly believe it’s the Mac OS default :-]

On a German keyboard the default setting is: ALT-5 for [ and ALT-6 for ].
You can see the keyboard layout in System Preferences (Systemeinstellungen)-> Keyboard (Tastatur) -> Input Sources (Eingabequellen). Hitting ALT gives the layout for ALT-…

Oh, right, that’s the combination for the square bracket characters. But that wasn’t the actual question here, the question was for the key combination for “previous layout” and “next layout”, and that is done with Shift-Alt-[ and Shift-Alt-] on English keyboard layouts while it’s done with Shift-Alt-Ü and Shift-Alt-* on German keyboard layouts.