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Please consider putting a “disable” on insert mode. This can inadvertently cause serious problems if you are not careful.

If I understand you correctly thats the reason why we have an engrave mode … or do you mean something different?

Insert Mode is a specific function that adds or removes time, pushing or pulling the following music in the same voice. It is indeed dangerous if you haven’t realised it’s switched on, and Engrave mode doesn’t help if you are actually trying to add or remove notes.

Dorico has probably the best Undo function I’ve seen. But the problem is that if you can disable insert mode, you shouldn’t stop there. MIDI input, chords, duration before pitch input … pretty much only pitch before duration input has a safety net. I’ve developed the habit of always being sure or checking what settings are enabled before entering a note. When it comes to note input everything is destructive, e.g. even plain old non insert mode is removing rests