on OSX, 7.06 & 7.5 startup splash logo is not showing

Thanks in advance.
I bought a second hand macbook pro recently.
Yesterday on my MBP I installed fresh, brand new Mountain Lion OSX(10.8.5), and then Cubase 7.06.
But when I start Cubase, I cannot see the splash logo screen (it shows Cubase 7 is starting) at all.
Today I installed 7.5 too, but no startup screen neither.
My macbook has hi-res display option, which is 1680 x 1050.
Maybe this is the reason?
I should see my logo screen because it shows many information when launching(plug-in loading, checking content…).
So please help me to fix this issue. Any kind of help will be welcomed.
Thank you again.

Hi sslneve,

check in your System preferences / energy saving options that the “High performance” (or something similar) is selected for the graphic option.


Thank you for your great help.