on project re-open .. whole of project has shifted pitch

arghhhh … I recorded a new project song and tryed to insert a vst (halion se) which in turned bombed out cubase somehow… I restarted my computer and re opened the projects last save… which came up that there was no audio input or output devices connected… so i changed in the control panel back to my “m-audio delta asio” and now the tempo of the whole project has changed along with a different pitch… lower and slower.

First thoughts id have a look at the samplerate at reecord format is still 44.1 and teh soundcard is set to the same…

any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:



And your audio…? Slower playback indicates higher audio samplerate

Very likely to be because your soundcard is set the wrong sample rate, possibly because it’s set to sync to an external source, such as SPDIF - check the settings on the soundcard utility.

yes my audio has slowed down too and changed pitch…

i checked the soundcard control panel and it seems fine… sync source is locked to “internal” and samplerate set to 44100hz … im sure this is the same as it was before…

thanks for your replys… anything else i can check?

And you’re sure that you’re project wasn’t (initially) accidentally set to another samplerate?
Check the audio files just to be sure.

I think I wrote that already…!?

hi thanks for the reply … i checked in the pool and it says the samplerate for all of the audio files are 44.100 khz

Check in Project Setup for the current rate.