on quit: only ask to save when there have been changes

Coming from C6.5… when you quit Cubase, it will ask if you want to save the file but only if there have been any changes since the last explicit save (or save-as). Is there a setting in C10 that will cause that same behavior? As it is now, even if I have just saved the file, when I try to quit it always asks if I want to save the file.



There is no settings like this in Cubase, because Cubase has nothing to do with it.

Cubase asks for save (while quit) evenjhough you just saved it, if there is any plug-in which changes it’s state (values) itself constantly. Some Steinberg plug-ins did it too in the past (HALion, Padshop), but the current updates shouldn’t do this anymore. So make sure your Steinberg plug-ins are up to date, please. Once this is done, then some 3rd party plug-in causes this.