On Screen Display Not working with CMC Controller

I have reported this in the Issue Reports section of the main Forum but since it may be a CMC issue I am reposting here.

I Setup 2 Key Command shortcuts that I constantly use on my keyboard to one of my CMC controllers. (CMC-CH)
The commands are:
-Split Midi Events
-Automation Follows Events

When I use these on my KB Shortcut, I get prompted to show if the function is activated or deactivated:
Automation Deactive.png

I successfully added these to the controller via the device setup>Remote Devices>CMC setup.
When I use the shortcut via the CMC I get the Prompt for the MIDI:
MIDI Prompt Shows
but NOT for the Automation shortcut.

So basically, you would never know if the function is activated or deactivated with the shortcut.

I tested a few times, moving to different buttons, controllers etc. and have deduced the problem being the way the specific “categories” are handled:
Device Setup Edit.png

The Automation falls under the “EDIT”
and the MIDI falls under the “Preferences”
What I found was that NONE of the Shortcuts that fall under the “EDIT” Give an on screen prompt.

Simple but a basic fuction. :wink:

Also, I know we are supposed to make a separate Issue for each but this ties right into this.
The Mixer settings in the controller setup affects the WHOLE mixer!!
IOW, you can’t create a shortcut for just the Selected Track!
If you wanted to setup a toggle for the strip lets say, you can’t as it toggles the strip for the WHOLE MIXER… :neutral_face:
Oh yes, and there needs to be a toggle checkmark (FLAGS) added to the selections so we can use the shortcut as both activate and Deactivate!!