On screen keyboard does not trigger chordpads?


Since i tried chordpads i got some trouble.

When i put , let say a c# chord in chordpads on the first pad, witch is “C1”. I get not only the chord “c#” to hear but also the “c1”, do i need to do something to not get this extra note when recording chordpads… I thought the on screen keyboard will not have this issue, but this keyboard doesn’t trigger the chordpads any more, it did it in the beginning, but now no more… Made a video about it, and it also shows the very annoying trouble i have with the display problems, cubase 13 notes speak of " unusual graphical artifacts “MAY(?)” appear on the user interface under “certain circumstances”. I think these chordpads are one of these circumstances, i get it constantly when working with chordpads… see video’s