On-Screen Keyboard when starting a New Project

When I start a new project, the on-screen keyboard is automatically on, so my favourite key commands are disabled. Every time I must remember to press Alt-K to remove it. Does anybody know a smarter way of living without it?


Isn’t this settings stopped at the Workspace (if you use it)? If the on-screen keyboard disabled in the previous project?

I normally use key commands. When I start a new project and try a key command, a warning pops up saying that key commands are inhibited by the on-screen keyboard (although I don’t see it). I press alt-K to view it, then click x to delete it, and my key commands work. Everytime I start Cubase.
I don’t use Workspaces. I understand that you may think it comes from a previous project, since it happened to me for other cases (i.e. a metronome setting on the midi grid in a previous project, opened up with the same setting in a fresh new project). But this is not the case: when I disable the on-screen keyboard and verify my key commands working, I save the project, close it, close Cubase and reopen: key commands are inhibited again. I open another project: commands inhibited again. I hope I’m clear.

Are you using a custom project template where the on-screen keyboard was opened at the time you saved it ?

No, I don’t. It is an odd thing, I’ve realized that even if I visualize the on-screen keyboard and then click x to delete, after sometime in the same project, when using key commands, Cubase prompts that I can’t do because the on-screen keyboard is on! I’m starting guessing it comes out after dragging loops from the little media bay in the right zone browser, so it must be really a little bug. Sincerely annoying, since I have a midi keyboard controller so I never felt the on-screen keyboard useful at all, while I use key commands all the time.

@fcarosone - I had similar issue and found media bay opening in the background of my project. This was enabling on-screen keyboard automatically when I open the project.

Closing media bay and saving project fixed this behaviour. Hope this helps.