On Stereo Combined Panning, please.

I often follow tuts with people using PT, how do they achieve Stereo Combined Panning?
How can I visually understand if they are using it or not?

Yet, what is the difference between Stereo Combined Panning at Lc Rc and a Stereo Balanced at c?

Thank you!

Balanced panning works well with a mono track as the signal keeps its integrity when panned left or right. However with a stereo signal a right pan would lose more of the left channel the further right you panned.

A combined panner keeps the stereo field intact. The more you pan it the narrower the stereo field gets.

If you go to the pan space above the fader in the track inspector. Click on the right down facing arrow and you can choose the combined panner. You will then see a block in the panning space that you can adjust by grabbing the ends.

I don’t use PT but I know you can easily split stereo to dual mono so they could certainly achieve combined panning this way.
Visually if there is a stereo track and it only has a single pan control there is no combined panning.

To add to what SIlhouette says and specific to your question…If you pan Lc/Rc with a combined panner you have removed all stereo width if the source is stereo. L/R on the balance panner has full stereo width.

Best to be asked in a ProTools forum. Basically - Whenever there are to panpots on the track (Do they even have stereo balance panning in ProTools?)

Try it - it´s very easily audible

Only in the central position. As soon as you pan to the right you lose part of the left channel if you have recorded from a stereo source. Of course if you have recorded from a mono source onto a stereo track this would only affect insert efx.

The combined panner is useful for panning instruments like a Hammond B3 where you want to pan but need to keep the rotary speaker intact. The bar for the panner would take up the space from the centre to the far right - so the whole stereo field is in effect half.

I can hear the difference, the problem is that I can’t understand what’s going on.

So basically I made it mono?

Thank you man.
Last example, please. Balanced Panned is L64 Vs Combined panner L64+L64. What’s going on here?

So basically PT users have Stereo Combined as default while Cubase has Stereo Balanced at default?

Take two mono tracks, insert signal generator into both - one 1 kHz sine, one with white noise. Route the two tracks to a stereo group one left one right, try the same with the stereo group´s stereo combined panner.


Balance Panner: Right side is attenuated (gradually the more you move it to L)
Combined panner: Right side is moved to the left

PT rather have what was “dual stereo” panner in up to Cubase 6. And the Cubase default can be set in preferences

Yes…sorry if not clear…was answering only to the specific question asked

Shouldn’t be a Stereo Combined Panner set to L64+L64 the same as take a stereo signal, make it mono, and pan it L64?


Thank you. Where to go under preferences to set Combined as default? I can’t find that voice!

Preferences/VST/Default Stereo Panner Mode

While this obviously isn’t whats actually occurring, imagine that each Track has its own pair of dedicated speakers. Stereo Balanced Panning would be like having all the tracks’ left speakers located in exactly the same position at say 9:30, and all the right speakers at 2:30. Now if you moved the piano track’s left speaker to 10:30 and right speaker to 12:00 that would be like using Combined Stereo Panning.