On the MIDI recording you hear the previous record

On the MIDI recording I hear the previous record. It is very disturbing. Is there a possibility to turn off the previous record?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If you’re recording on top of existing music you just input, perhaps you should use Ctrl+Z to undo the recording before you start re-recording?

I also experienced this… sometimes the music already present in a staff I was recording into was played back while recording although it should be replaced… I will look if I can reproduce this behavior in a project and attach it here…

If you mean that you hear all the existing music when you record, including any existing music on the staff you’re recording into, that is the expected behaviour. As I say, if you don’t want to hear that music, delete it before you start recording.

Thanks Daniel, understood. But then I would request an option that the music that I want to be replaced by recording is not played back while recording. This feels more logical to me and would save the step of erasing the music before recording every time. I’m afraid, I don’t really understand the advantage of playing back music that is supposed to - and in fact will be - replaced anyway…?

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean! When I record again some place on the Cubase track, I also do not hear the previous record.

Since you can record into additional voices in Dorico, I think it makes sense that what is already recorded is not automatically erased upon a new recording. It could of course erase (or mute) when one records into the same voice… But unlike most other aspects of Dorico, the real time recording isn’t exactly groundbreaking, so, given the huge talent of the team, I assume we will see this area of the program develop considerably over time…

I guess in some cases an overdub, or 2nd take that will replace the previous take is what is desired, and at other times a different staff (player) will be the target of MIDI record. A third possibility is to merge the new recording with the existing music in the same staff. Dorico allows all scenarios. I could see that in the first case the desired result would most likely be the metronome beep without the (unwanted) first take. And in the case where music is being added to a different staff (track), the user may want to hear the previous music, or just the metronome, or perhaps both.

I agree with fratveno that it is entirely possible that some further developments may occur with real time recording.

Could you please explain how to set the settings for "A third possibility is to merge the new recording with the existing music in the same staff. " ?
I cannot manage to overdub a new midi recording - the recording before is always deleted. How do I manage to overdub some bars with a new recording ?