On the seemingly intractable issue of linked layouts

I have touched briefly on this in a thread relating to a bug where hidden time signatures on a score were still visible in parts. But there is one aspect of Dorico which can create issues that are quite time consuming. I cannot remember if things have changed or not throughout the versions, so what I describe pertains to version 1.1.

Generally speaking, property panel alterations to defaults settings in a score are mirrored in the parts for system objects such as tempo indications. When it comes to staff or single note objects however, they are no longer mirrored (save a few exceptions such as shift-x text). On a large orchestral score, this literally means I have to re-invent the wheel for every part. I do understand that there are certain circumstances where this is a preferable behavior, such as with flipping slurs, ties and stems. But if I’m doing a baroque score with editorial slurs or ties, I see, as of now, absolutely no reason why they would not appear on other layouts. I understand the need for flexibility in all layouts, but I really wish there was a better way to manage those links. Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time changing the centering of dynamics with both suffixes and prefixes so that they are aligned to the start of the notes, otherwise, they spill way too far into the previous measure. I am aware that I can change that global setting, but then the ordinary single letter dynamics look a little off when they are not centered. I am not sure I have enough imagination to present the team with a solution. Here is a “dummy” example containing a few properties panel changes and showing how they don’t appear in parts. It must be admitted that many measures of this would defeat the purpose of having any inks at all between score and parts.

Anyway, that’s my bit for today. Keep up the great work!

As I think I said in the thread you mentioned, what we are missing is a means of copying the properties of an item in one layout to one or more other layouts. We will add such a thing when we can. We know that in its absence there is certainly some duplication of labour that would best be avoided.

It would be helpful if hidden dynamics in the full score remain hidden in parts…