On the wrong end of a painful N5 slapdown!!

When I saw this on the old Nuendo forum archive:

“So in short: N5 will run on PPC and OSX 10.4, but NEK needs Intel processor and OSX 10.5.8”

I proclaimed woohoo, and ordered the N4 to N5 update to run on my mac PPC OSX 10.4, while I await the opportunity to get an intel mac pro.

Of course you know what’s coming next - N5 refused to even start to install on 10.4.

Wondering whether there ever was an installer that would do N5/OSX 10.4? If so, does anybody know how one gets one’s paws on said item? :lol


that’s not right. n5 will run on ppc but only on 10.5.

from the steinberg site:

Supported operating systems: Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6
Intel Core processor (Intel Core Duo recommended)

Weird. Because that wasn’t the only post in that thread confirming N5 for PPC.

Check out the one below from a moderator:

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N5 runs fine on PPC.


I think Sonic Gravity has misquoted on the old forum.
The provided link shows us: Supported operating systems: Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6
Also, I just checked the Paper Operation Manual which came with the initial, boxed release version, and there too it is stated that OS 10.5.8 or 10.6 are required.


Fredo, you said “N5 runs fine on PPC”. So you’re saying it does run on PPC Mac OS X 10.5.8, right? Just want to really clarify this before I dig myself in any deeper with more purchases (such as OS 10.5.8) based on forum comments.

Here’s the link to that thread I’m quoting you from (and where Sonic gravity says it runs on 10.4):

This was long ago, and I don’t recall the exact details.
What I do know is that I don’t know anything about Macs, so I must have looked up that information somewhere. I would never say such a thing without having accurate information.
So I think that you should be fine on PPC with OSX 10.5.8 or 10.6.


We have a PPC Mac running N5 with OSX 10.5.8, no problems. John.

OK well now that I’ve calmed down some I realize that this is encouraging. :slight_smile:

Going to install 10.5.8 and give it a go.

Thanks Max, Fredo, Dog/Pony. :sunglasses:

we ran n5 on our 2.5 g5s since the day it was launched.

Encouraginger and encouraginger. :smiley:

A colleague tells me that N5 won’t run as well as N4 did on the PPC because it hasn’t been optimized for the PPC (he thinks I should move to Windows, but I’m planning on staying on my G5, then later going to an Intel Mac Pro).

Any of y’all have any observations on how N5 runs on PPC compared to N4?

Hey Fredo,
Just a reminder… PPC (old powermacs like the G4 G5) cannot run OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.
The end at Leopard 10.5.

Then how did I do it?
Obviously I am running 10.5.8
Picture 1.jpg

10.5 is leopard (10.5.8 being the last incarnation), 10.6 is snow leopard (and intel only).

OK, I am extremely confused.

The specs say that OSX 10.5.8 is required to run Nuendo on a PPC.
There are reports from people who actually run Nuendo on such as system.

So, what’s the problem and the arguing with not being able to run Snow Leopard on OSX?


Wow, now that thread/post is over an half year old. Maybe somebody has updated the system requirements in the meantime? :unamused: Otherwise, if I had been wrong somebody would have said so back then…but anyway…nevermind…yesterdays news…next time: screenshot! :wink:

No, the paper manual states the same thing.
It is not possible that upon release, the information on the website was different than what was printed in the manual.

But there’s nothing to be ashamed of, everybody makes a mistake now and then.


I think he was saying that the last system supported was 10.5.x, and that 10.6+ wouldn’t work.

Yeah, but how is this relevant in this discussion?
The specs say that 10.5.8 is OK.


I believe it’s relevant Fredo because you said in this thread that you think N5 will be fine on PPC with OSX 10.6.

That’s false info because 10.6 will not run on a PPC.

I believe it’s relevant Fredo because you said in this thread that you think N5 will be fine on PPC with OSX 10.6.

That’s false info because 10.6 will not run on a PPC.

Right, and then he said he made a mistake. Why does it appear you are picking a fight, you have the necessary info so all is well. John.