Onboard DSP on UR worth it or just a distraction

As a guitarist I was excited by the onboard DSP and dspMix software on my UR242. In practice the amp sims are truly awful by todays standards (shame they didn’t take the Apollo UAD approach and allow you to install Line 6 models) and my workflow is likely to involve recording straight and process later, so is this facility all appears worthless. Am I missing something? I just don’t see a use for this stuff and if anything see it as clutter.

I agree the amp simulation plugins are not the best. On the other hand the reverb is quite good and I use it most of the time. If you are recording vocals and acoustic instruments then the onboard dsp with zero latency monitoring can be very useful.

But I wouldn’t buy it just for the guitar amp plugins.

If you do your own settings you can make it sound better. They are not the best but you can make them sound really great. I have the UR824 and they are great when you don’t want to use plugins and deal with latency.

Zero latency plus i use the Eleven Rack with custom presets and sound perfect too.