Once again - performance!

Hey there
I installed Cubase Elements 11 some days ago.
The Initialization of the software lasts more then 20 minutes!

  • initializing content 10min for it’s own
  • licence check another 5 to 10 mins.
  • my mediabay3.db has 21MB ?!
    While I’m wiriting this post, Cubase 11 initializes a new empty project.
  • The init-time is about 6 minutes…

Reffering to some other posts i tried the following:

  • deleted all x64-folders in appData /Roaming/Steinberg/
  • deleted mediabay3.db several times
  • reinstalled Cubase Element 11
  • runiing eLicencer maintanance-routine

Does anybody have some advice/suggestions

thanks in advance