Once Cubase Elements is activated-can it be installed on a different computer?

Hi again folks,

Thanks a lot for your answers in my other thread, just thought of something else, if you could help me out here.

1 I understand that Elements can only be used on one computer, and uses an e-licenser instead of a dongle. If I was to buy a hardware dongle is it possible to have licence on it as well so that I could use Elements on a different computer, though not use both copies at same time of course?

2 If I don’t buy a hardware dongle and just have Elements on one computer, and that computer was to totally crash, or total hardware failure, can I reactivate Elements on a new computer, or could this be very problematic and might not be possible?

Thank you all once again for your excellent advice.

  1. You ‘transfer’ the license from the software e-license to your dongle. Thus the license is removed from your computer and its on your dongle only. You can install Elements in any computer but to use it you will need from now on the dongle inserted in a usb port. So, you will use only one copy of Elements, the one you have the dongle attached to your pc.

  2. You can ask for a new reactivation code anytime from the website to install it to a different computer and reactivate it

Thank you very much.