Once is fine, two, maybe, three is pushing it, every time, it's downright annoying

I’m a very happy Steinberg customer. Cubase Pro 12 is the best software ever created to me. And thanks for including Spectralayers 9 basic edition or whatever it’s called.

Now, if you want me to learn that the new version is available, and the next time I open Spectralayers 9 this pops up, fine. All good. Second time, not so good. Every single time I open it, well that’s just rude.

Come on Steinberg, you guys are better than this.

(These are two consecutive screenshots taken to see if it popped up every time I opened it, and it does, in addition to another time yesterday)

Duly noted, the notification system will be improved in future revisions.
Meanwhile the SL10 notification has been disabled for SL9.

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