Once Muting and unmuting all monitoring (audio) Tracks become delayed

I use Cubase also as Effects-host, when I monitor a track and hit mute, then unmute it becomes delayed (all audio tracks, I think it didn’t happen with midi). This is only corrected when restarting cubase!!!
Please, I need a fast fix, this can’t be too difficult to correct and is a really big annoying issue.

best regards

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your message.

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  1. When I click Mute on a track (or solo) and then unmute / unsolo all monitoring audio tracks become suddenly delayed until next restart of cubasis IOS. It is a verly large latency independend from the project latency. I now tried on Iphone 7, Iphone 8 & IPAD mini 5.

  2. I expect, that muting and then unmuting does not delay anything :frowning:

  3. I want to monitor tracks with the normal set latency, not extremely delayed only because of switching mute/solo on and then off again.

  4. I monitor e.g. a microphone, then mute that track, unmute it again and suddenly it is delayed as every other audio track after that.

  5. Happens on Iphone 7/8, IPAD mini 5 and is independend from used audiohardware.

    PLEASE FIX THIS, I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT SUCH A STRANGE AND OBVIOUS BIG BUG IS STILL THERE AFTER SEVERAL DAYS. Somehow I can’t find my forum posts about that anymore. Now here you have the REPORTING FORM & I HOPE that works.

Hi. I can confirm this issue on my iPhone 7 Plus, latest Cubasis 3 and iOS 13 versions. Hope this can be fixed. Thanks.

Hi Janosax, Hi mccy,

Our engineering and testing are now able to reproduce the problem.
Please expect the issue to be resolved with the next Cubasis update.


Glad to read this, thanks!!