Once you give it a while,This thing shines. Don't you think?

Been using it since the day of the release. There is to be fair a few tweaks in quite a few places that would make sense. But overall its amazing.

It takes a good few days to get your head round things, but it is possible to figure things out pretty quick. I was in the middle of a pretty big project on the day of release but ive just jumped in and started working on it. After a good few days I have to say this is a dream of a release. Its ambitious. Its very very usable and changes how you do things… Its pretty smart.

Well done Steinberg. :nerd:


For MIDI, this update is absolutely fantastic to say the least and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come that will set the bar even higher on what a DAW should be made of. :bulb:

Unfortunately, I can’t even use it because of the mixer resizing issue. After a while, the lower third of the mixer disappears and I’m no longer able to see track names. This is a show stopper for mixing which is what I’m mainly doing, currently.