One (1) day to go until update time!

Introducing a broad array of audio sculpting tools, your production arsenal just got a whole lot bigger.

Not until now has your music sequencing workhorse become a trusted friend. This is your one-stop-shop to know your ambition first hand.

Vivid in style, this product is to be praised and appreciated by a consuming public.

There’s also a beautiful range of colours for the all new mixer from last year!

Pink :astonished:

Flailing armsicles no longer jab your borogroves. Firmly planted mamseys bring technological love to your unoriginal sins, you will be Adam unto the snake, no other shall outgabe!!

“This is your one-stop-shop to know your ambition first hand.”

I’ve heard of these one-handed sites. Hopefully .06 won’t jerk me around like that. :smiley:

Ahhh clever and smooooooth

I just want the red light to go away…

After five updates a fix for this lil’ annoyance would be whole heartedly welcomed.

Red Light District??? :smiley:

Red light district is illegal here, so am I criminal by Steinberg?

I don’t suppose anyone has read the book “love for sale” by a now deceased Finnish author?

Are there Finnish authors? I just thought they wrote about their every day life :confused: :astonished: :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

Yeah, in this economic situation we are the bitches for E.U

No but I sure know the Cole Porter song.
And for the time the lyrics were quite ‘Red Light District’.


some forum members need to stay off the drugs. half of the posts in this thread make no sense at all to me!

Since “drugs” is an allowed word, I will comment that updates are a drug, and one I am eagerly awaiting with bated breath and anxiety.

Having said that, if not every one of my dreams (even those of a carnal nature) are fulfilled in this next update, I will not despair, on the contrary I will continue working on music and as previously stated due to the software I will know my ambition just by working with Cubase.

Artguy you’re weird.

Shades of DocThor4. :laughing:

You mean like:

No-one got anything to say about the update yet…been linked over an hour and still only got these weird pontifications to keep me entertained at work