One- and two-bar repeat symbols


I am looking for one- and two-bar repeat symbols, cannot find them. Are they hidden somewhere or can I copy and
paste them from somewhere?

Thanks Rolf

They are not implemented yet…

They’re not in place yet, as Marc says, but you can copy and paste them as Text from the SMUFL documentation:

It’ll take some faking to properly pull off, though.

Thanks:) Good enough for now;)

Is it possible to remove the rest that still is in the bar…?

You can remove rests with the “Remove Rests” command, in Edit menu, when in Write mode. However, that might change the bar length, so you might probably better change the rest opacity (in the Properties panel, color, alpha channel on PC or opacity on mac). You then make sure you print or export graphics with color “on”, otherwise you will lose that opacity information.
Hope it helps…

Thanks for great support Marc! // Another Marc