One Beam Half Note Triplets


Does anyone know where the default option (if there is one) for default beaming of half triplet notes? I can’t seem to find the option for this.

For example, I want to convert this:
Into this:


Try this: select the second quarter note; then type letter “O” & “7” key
That is how I convert rhythm figures like the one you show.

Thanks for the advice! I tried it but sadly can’t get it to work.

If I understood your directions, I use “O” to activate the “Force Duration” and then “7” is to force a half note. However, it doesn’t change it for me and nothing happens.

My experience is that you need to convert the note to a shorter value first.
So: select the first quarter-note, press O, 6, 7.

Just tried your suggestion and still nothing. I tried also on a blank Dorico session in simple 4/4 time and it just doesn’t want to combine the two triplet beams into one half note beam.

Starting to think if it’s working on your guys end that perhaps, I have a conflicting option enabled/disabled. :person_shrugging:

You cannot ‘join’ two tuplets like that. You have to remove the originals and replace with a single tuplet.

  1. Engage insert mode (I)
  2. Select the tuplet (numbers) and delete
  3. Select the first minim and create a 3:2h tuplet
  4. Disengage insert mode(I)

Ty Janus, that worked!


Tuplets in Dorico are to be considered as “containers”. The rhythm cannot really spill from one container to another. The only way to do what you said is to add a 2:1 tuplet nested in the 3:2 tuplet, on the second half note (which is actually a quarter note, but with the 2:1 sub-tuplet, you can make it look like a half note) and hide the quarter rest of the second triplet. This is clearly not the Dorico way. Janus explained what the Dorico way is. :wink:


I discovered that the hard way (trial and error, with the emphasis on error) while I was composing a reply, but Janus got in first with a more concise description of the steps needed. In my first reading of the original post I missed that the notes were in two separate triplets, and my reply assumed (wrongly) that they had been entered as a half-note triplet and the middle note had somehow become notated as two tied quarter-notes.
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