One Big Tree #newalbum


What do you think of my latest song?
It’s at my website

The album called “One Big Tree” was released in September


really nice work overall… enjoyed the song and musicianship, harmony structure and a strong mix. You also have an impressive web site.
i’ll be back to listen to some of your other songs


Hi Frank.

Thanks so much.
Ive always been a lover of great harmony from barber shop harmony (mills brothers) to comedian harmonists to anita kerr…

I use Cubase 7.5 as my main DAW and Studion One as my vocals DAW. Once I’ve put together the instrumental parts in Cubase I make a temporary mix, import that into StudioOne, then proceed to layer the vocals…
Currently I’m working on a ‘country’ single consisting of 2 country songs…

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Again, I really appreciate your feedback and Share my site around!

Luke a.k.a edencane

Great tune and wonderful recording :slight_smile:

Have to agree. This is a great track & video. Great mix, harmonies etc.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Really appreciate it!
And yes, growing up is luckily optional :wink: