One Button convert Sampler/Instrument Track into Audio Track via a new type of TrackVersions that go from MIDI to Audio

I would like MIDI tracks and Sampler Tracks to be rendered into audio on the same track, and have new type of TrackVersion that stores MIDI and Audio, so even if you render to Audio, you could still go back to the MIDI, edit the MIDI, and then do a new render to a new AudioTrackVersionā€¦ you could then comp between the two AudioTrackVersions onto a 3rd empty AudioTrackVersionā€¦ and after that, you could create an empty MIDITrackVersion and try something completely new. :bulb:


This is close to what Studio One does.
You can drag a midi region to an audio track, and it becomes an audio region. Do edits cut copy paste etc and then you can drag it back to a midi track anytime with all edits reflected in midi. Very useful.

Cool idea. Iā€™d use this alot.

Same trackā€¦ or selected track would be just as cool.

This sounds a bit like SONARā€™s MIDI track freeze feature (as of maybe 2015 - havenā€™t used SONAR in a really long time). Freeze a MIDI track in SONAR and you see what looks like an audio track. This is great for problem investigation - the frozen audio can be zoomed into just like a normal audio track. So, your suggestion sounds great. The SONAR feature was great. Maybe theyā€™re the same thing. If not, +1 either way.